Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out my blog. I’ll be writing about my art, baking, traveling, school, and daily life.


Heyyyyy! So, a couple weeks ago my mom signed my brother and I up for a co-op! I am SO excited! They have tons of fun activities, including a Comic Con themed dance in November, and a Renaissance/Masquerade themed dance at some point! I’m sooooo excited!!! Friday we went to the first Co-op event, canoeing!… Continue reading Co-op!

  1. Thanks, Io! Haha, I thought you might *also shimmies*

About Me

Just a homeschooled teenage girl, going through the motions of day to day life.

~New Blogger!~

Hey guys! Introducing a new blogger, my friend Eliana! She’s created a wonderful blog called Radiant For The Lord. Please go check it out and subscribe! She’s super sweet, and her blog is awesome already. Here’s her blog button:

Life Update

Hello my ladybugs and beetles 🥰 Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, we have limited internet at our house so I can only really work on my posts at other people’s houses. I do have a few different posts in the works though. Our cat Sundae had kittens! They are all so precious. I… Continue reading Life Update


Hey, my ladybugs and beetles 🥰 Ok, so, I’ve found that doing the review posts are really TONS of fun, so I was wondering if y’all had suggestions about other things I could rate or review? Would y’all like to see more reviews? A couple ideas I had were things like song reviews, other movie… Continue reading Reviews

My current favorite song! I will be updating this as my favorites change, cause they do often. 😁 Shoutout to Emily from Rooted Scribbles for introducing me to this song. Happier by Coby James
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