My Favorite Blogs!

Time to make a list of my favorite blogs!! Please go check out each of these blogs, they are all sooo good! I am new to the blogging world so my list isn’t very long, but these are my favorites so far!

  1. This blog is SO good and Hannah is the sweetest person. She does movie and book reviews, tips and tricks, and blogs about her life.

2. I absolutely love Kenechi’s blog! She writes the best stories and poems, and has the cutest snail mail art. I am always so amazed. Right when you think it can’t get any better, bam!, she writes another masterpiece.

3. Daisy’s posts are really awesome! I love how well she words everything! She gives tips, and writes captivating post about her life.

Please, please, go check out all of their blogs and give them a follow! They are all amazing bloggers. Thank you for reading!

Author: Lilly Burke

Hi! I'm Lilly. Some of my likes include: baking, drawing, painting, coloring, traveling, reading, writing, blogging, and penpalling 😊

7 thoughts on “My Favorite Blogs!”

    1. Well Go Read is soooooo good! I love her blog!

      I really enjoy reading Daisy’s blog! I am always amazed by how well she words things lol That is so cool that she is your cousin!


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