Guest post with Hannah from Once Upon A Book!

I’m so happy that Hannah agreed to do a guest post on my page. I feel bad because it has taken me so long to post it, we’ve just had a bit going on and the internet at this campground…let’s just say it isn’t the greatest. My brother and I have occasionally resorted to doing schoolwork in the laundromat here at the campground facepalm But, I have finally been able to do it. Sorry it’s taken so long Hannah!


My Top 10 Favorite Movies

10. Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

Okay, so I get this is TECHNICALLY three movies, but bear with me! I am a fan of all the Star Wars movies and series, but this one is my favorite. I’d be telling the truth if I said the only reason I watch it is because of Obi-Wan Kenobi…

9. LOTR & The Hobbit

Okay, Okay… Yes! I know this is like six movies! But I could not help it! All of the characters have very special places in my heart, and I’ll have to do a character break down on my blog or something about why I love the characters…

8. Discarded Things

This movie was utterly sweet and made me cry SOOO much! The story line was beautifully played out, and the actors are perfect for the movie!

7. Courageous (2011 film)

This movie is AMAZING! It is one of the very few movies I have ever watched that I was crying my eyes out definitely not ugly crying and then dying of laughter the next! I recommend this movie to everyone!

6. Big Hero 6

I love this movie! It’s sweet, it’s sad, and Baymax is utterly adorable! Also, I can’t figure out if the sequel would be called Big Here 6 2, or Big Hero 7. You tell me…

5. Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

This movie never gets old! I think every time I watch it I find something new! Yes, it is an older movie, but the quality of the movie is amazing!

4. Risen

Let me start by saying this movie is a tearjerker. And I have NEVER come so close to throwing up during a movie as during this one. The story of Jesus’ resurrection is from the Prefect’s POV and other than just a few small detains (very minor) stuck to the biblical account.

3. Tangled 

Okay, this has to be my favorite Disney movie! It’s SOOOOO cute and Flynn (AKA Eugene) is a Disney Prince who actually has a name! I mean come on! Also, the movie is hilarious… That definitely helps!

2. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Okay, I have SOOOOO much I would like to say about this movie that It would probably take up way too much space so I’ll try to keep it short! This movie is clean, based off a beautiful book, and the actors! Mr. Darcy is adorable… *fangirls over him* Also, Keira Knightley is gorgeous as Elizabeth!

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

I LOVE these movies! I can NOT tell you how much I love Will and Elizabeth… Literally can’t put it into words! All of them kept me on the edge of my seat (or bed) and I think I watched all five of them within a week if that tells you anything…

That’s all for now! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much Lilly for letting me guest post! I had a TON of fun!


That was awesome Hannah! Thank you for doing this! Please go check out Hannah’s blog here:

Author: Lilly Burke

Hi! I'm Lilly. Some of my likes include: baking, drawing, painting, coloring, traveling, reading, writing, blogging, and penpalling 😊

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