My Top 10 NF Songs

Hey guys! I’m back with another list. I’m about to transition this blog into a site for just reviews and lists, so there will be many more of these to come!

For those of you who don’t know, NF (Nathan Feurstein) is a Christian rapper who started his career in 2010. He raps about God, things he struggles with, his past, etc. He’s my all-time favorite rapper, because he doesn’t feel the need to put inappropriate stuff, language, or anything like that in his songs to make them great. I think rappers like him are the ones who should truly be appreciated by more people, they need more recognition. I would say he’s doing pretty good for himself, though, considering he has more subscribers on YouTube (7.88 million) than The Jonas Brothers (5.16 million). He has released 5 albums: Moments (2010), Mansion (2015), Therapy Session (2016), Perception (2017), and his latest one, The Search (2019). For some reason the “Moments” album doesn’t pop up sometimes, and it says he only has 4 albums.

I was really struggling with this post because I am the worst at explaining things, and NF is so awesome, his songs need good descriptions 😉 So I asked my NF-Loving-friend, Lexie, for help! Thank you so much, Lexie!! 💖 She helped me so much with this post, it’s officially a guest post.

Please note that these are listed in no particular order. It would be close to impossible for me to pick an absolute favorite song 😂

1) Only One

Me: I’ve only recently discovered this one, but it quickly became one of my favorites. It just seems different from the rest of his songs. It is so sweet and touching. In this one he’s talking about needing someone, wanting someone, not about his past trauma. Lexie and I actually have the same favorite lyric for this one!

Lexie: Only One is a sweet, romantic song about loving someone no matter what you go through. It’s about true love, loving someone without any hold on your heart. It’s about feeling like your person completes you and if you have them, the rest of the world doesn’t matter! And it’s not just romantic, it’s about your only not just being your significant other, but also your best friend! Favorite lyric: “I’d rather die than go on living without you”.

2) Lost in the Moment ft Andreas Moss

Me: I absolutely love this one so much! I think that everyone can relate to this song to some extent. As Lexie explains, it’s about not wanting people to change and to want to stay in the moment you’re in. It’s definitely one of his best ones, in my opinion. From the album Therapy Session. Favorite lyric: “I heard that pictures don’t change, just the people inside of ’em do”.

Lexie: It’s about not wanting to change, not wanting people to change, not wanting to move on, but to stay in the moment you’re in! And even though it’s a bad place to be in, you don’t want the moment to go on! And it’s also about enjoying the moment you’re in and not trying to hurry your life away! And being content in the moments you’re in right now. Favorite lyric: “If only they knew what goes on in our minds”.

3) Outcast

Me: This has always been a favorite of mine. The lyrics are so relatable for me. He’s talking about being different from everyone else in the world, being the “outcast”. Not really caring what anyone else thinks, and just being yourself! From the album Perception. Favorite lyric: “I don’t care what you think, I’m just bein’ myself”.

Lexie: Outcast is a song about not being like other people, but being your own person and people judging you for it when you can’t fake a smile, when you can’t act happy! But they don’t know the situations you are in and you shouldn’t judge others for being them because you’re not in their shoes, you don’t know the rocks they’re stepping on everyday! And that it’s ok to be who you are and if someone looks at you differently, that’s their problem, not yours. Favorite lyric: “Somebody told you I was wack? Check the source”.

4) When I Grow Up

Me: This is song is just really great overall. It’s basically him talking about what he wanted to be when he grew up (a rapper), no matter what anyone else thought. No matter how many people doubted him, he knew what he wanted and he was going for it. From the album The Search. Favorite lyric: “I am not a quitter, you ain’t really think that, did ya?”.

Lexie: When I Grow Up is a song about people not expecting you to be good at what you do!! People may tell you what you do, you’ll never get better at but the more you grow and stay on your grind, you’ll blow them out the water and you may not care what they think but it’s fun to see the expression of pure pain when you areee actually good at what you are doing. Favorite lyric: “Someday imma grow up and show all of you it’s meant to be”.

5) Notepad

Me: In this song, NF is literally talking to his notepad. His music is the only thing that’s been with him forever, so it’s about how important music is in his life. From the album Mansion. Favorite lyric: “We don’t care if they do like us”.

Lexie: Notepad is talking about Nate and his music, and his music being the only thing that gets him through things. It’s about coping with life through his rapping and it being the only thing that’s always been by him throughout the years! It’s about people not understanding the deepness of his music and he sometimes doesn’t even understand it but writing the words down, they come to him and help him understand them more! And when he’s angry what does he do? He lets it flow out on a piece of paper! Favorite lyric: “And I’ve been waiting for the moment you and me can make all of it happen”.

6) Thing Called Love

Me: This is another one of my favorites (yes, I realize I’ve said that about most of the ones on this list 😂). Favorite lyric: “Your love is like a privilege, a lot of us abuse it”.

Lexie: Thing Called Love is about love seeming amazing and wonderful and most of the time it is but sometimes it can be your worst nightmare. It depends on how you look at love. Love can be a double-edged sword of pain if you don’t treat it with the respect it deserves. And just because you love something or someone doesn’t mean it will always give it back to you! Be careful who you love and how you treat love! Favorite lyric: “Your love is like a drug that everybody uses. You wanna know the outcome, depends on how you use it”.

7) How Could You Leave Us

Me: For me, this is one of his saddest songs. It’s about his mom, and he’s full-on crying at the end of it. I’ve never heard him cry in a song before, so that really shows you what the song means to him. His mom died from a drug overdose when he was young, and you can tell through his music how that shaped him as a person. All of the hurt and pain that came out of it. Poor guy. From the album Therapy Session. Favorite lyric: “Music is the only place where I can go to speak to you”.

Lexie: How Could You Leave Us is one of the most emotional songs I’ve heard. It’s about Nate losing his mom to drug overdose and he feels like if she just would have stopped them, she could have been there for important moments in his life. He breaks down in tears in the middle of this song. This song is about missing his mom and having to deal with the pain of her not being there for him to see him grow and change in so many ways! Favorite lyric: “I don’t know what it’s like to be addicted to pills, but I do know what it’s like to be a witness, it kills. “

8) Nate

Me: In this song, it’s present Nate talking to his past self about his life, things to expect, etc. Kind of like a heads up to younger him basically. It’s a very interesting song. From the album The Search. Favorite lyric: “Even good people are great at making bad decisions”.

Lexie: The song Nate is about him talking to his past self and him telling his past self what he’s fixing to go through, and telling him how cruel people can be. But he’s going to make it! But he doesn’t want to feel bad for his past self because that means he’s feeling bad for himself. He’s telling his past self what his music career is fixing to turn into and how much that’s going to change his life. Favorite lyric: “If you got questions or you need advice, then turn to God, ’cause He’s the only one that listens, even when you think he isn’t”.

9) Beautiful

Me: The lyrics in this song are, I feel, so relatable for a lot of girls these days. Not feeling beautiful and doubting themselves, even though they are wonderful and created beautifully in God’s image. We should all be confident in our own skin, cause God created us this way, and he doesn’t make mistakes. Favorite lyric: “God made you beautiful”.

Lexie: Beautiful is about a girl who’s lost in this crazy world searching for love but she can’t find love till she finds it within herself and she’s sad and depressed but everyone sees her as beautiful but she can’t see, but she is. Favorite lyric: “She gets attention from every direction but she doesn’t care”.

10) Therapy Session

Me: This is another very emotional song. In it, he talks about fans who have come up to him at his shows talking to him about how much his music has helped them through whatever is happening in their lives. NF makes his songs so relatable, I think everyone can find at least one that matches their story. Favorite lyric: “How you gon’ tell me my music does not have a message when I’m looking out at this crowd full of people I know I affected?”.

Lexie: Therapy Session is about Nate using his music to speak to people deeply and how when he writes music that’s his therapy, but others’ therapy too. Everyone listens to his music because a lot of people go through the same things, and it makes him feel less alone and others feel less alone! And it’s also about him not faking when he’s feeling mad! He is always himself, he doesn’t fake it for anyone! Favorite lyric: “We never met but I swear that you know who I am”.

And that’s it, guys, my top 10 NF songs! I hope all y’all enjoyed this post and bigggg shoutout to Lexie! Thanks so much for your help, girl! 💖 Hope y’all have a fantastic day!

Author: Lilly Burke

Hi! I'm Lilly. Some of my likes include: baking, drawing, painting, coloring, traveling, reading, writing, blogging, and penpalling 😊

20 thoughts on “My Top 10 NF Songs”

    1. Thank you so much, Hannah! Me too, which why it was so difficult trying to narrow my favorite songs down to 10 😂
      Thank you! I really like black & white everything, it’s just so classy! Thank you for reading! 💖


  1. Loved reading this!
    We kinda have some in common! For me, almost all of his songs are my favorite so it’s so hard to choose, but for a while, When I Grow Up, Outcast, and Therapy Session have been some of my top favorites.
    Also, it’s funny because on his regular Spotify profile Only One is there, but then he has a different Only One song featuring someone named Suree Willams, and it’s on his N. F profile thing.
    Also, is Beautiful from Moments? I’ve never heard any song from Moments before, yet, cause I use Spotify, but if they are on YouTube I’ll see if I can check them out some time!
    Again, great post. NF is my favorite artist.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank ya!
      Yes, same! They’re all so good it’s hard to choose a favorite.
      Yes, I guess he has two different versions if that song, and then he also has one called Only with Sasha Sloan, I think, so it’s a little confusing 😂
      I’m not really sure, I don’t think Beautiful is in an album. I’ve only ever seen it on YouTube.
      He’s mine, too!
      Thanks so much for reading and following! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think there are 70 something NF songs, on Spotify at least. I’ve listened to all his Spotify ones, including the few he has on other profiles. I haven’t listened to any of his Moments songs, though. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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