Comfort Music Collab with Hannah

Hey guys! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a collab with anyone, so I was very excited when Hannah reached out to me wanting to do one. We decided to list our favorite comfort music. Here’s Hannah’s list! Don’t forget to go over to her blog Books, Espresso, and Jesus, to see my list 🙂

Thank you so much for doing this with me, Lilly! Since Lilly (from Lilly Bug’s Not-So-Secret-Diary) and I both share a love of music, we decided to go for our go-to comfort music! I typically use music as my emotional outlet, and consequently this post could easily be quite long, but I’ll keep it to my top 10. I was torn between keeping it all Christian or all secular, so I’ll split it in half; five Christian songs, and five secular. Also, they’re listed in a random order because when it comes to my music, I can NOT pick favorites! XD

  1. Weary Traveler – Jordan St. Cyr (Christian)

This song hits hard, especially when I’m struggling. I’ve used this song for countless emotional breakdowns, and it’s what I describe as a “God thing”. This is one of those songs I wish I could listen to again for the first time.

  1. The Commision – CAIN (Christian)

This song. It’s beautiful, literally just beautiful. 

  1. Don’t Quit – Jordan Smith (Christian)

Okay, but Jordan Smith!? How does that man not have more recognition than he does?! HIS VOICE IS GORGEOUS. Point blank gorgeous. 

  1. God, Turn it Around – Jon Reddick (Christian)

So this song is one my mom introduced me to lately, and it’s quickly become a favorite of mine! A super moving song with very relatable lyrics.

  1. Love Me Like I Am – for KING & COUNTRY (Christian)

So around Christmas time, my family and I went to a for KING & COUNTRY concert, and they played this song (at that time not released yet), and I instantly fell in love. So needless to say, I stalked their latest releases on Spotify even more than I already do. This came out a few weeks ago, and I was quite literally squealing in joy. Please, just listen to it. I beg you.

Honorable Mention – Just Be Held – Casting Crowns (Christian)

Honorable mention! Sorry y’all, I couldn’t help myself! I’ve loved this song for years, and it holds a lot of meaning in my life. Definitely a go to. 

  1. Sign of the Times – Harry Styles (Pop)

Harry Styles… He has some shockingly good songs! I’m actually working on the piano music/singing for this one to do for a recital in around a month, so I’ve listened to it COUNTLESS of times. It’s still one of my favorites though! Definitely a gorgeous song. And btw, does anyone else feel like it has a 50’s-ish rock feel to it? I think it does.. Probably why I like it so much lol 

  1. Don’t Give Up On Me – Andy Grammer (Pop)

This song is just soooo pretty and emotional! I love Andy Grammer’s voice, and this song has to be one of his best!

  1. Hollow – Tori Kelly (Pop/Christian)

Tori Kelly! That woman has a beautiful voice, and this song is so gorgeous. Back a few years ago, I really struggled with being waaaay too introverted, and feeling super lonely, and this song was literally my go to for over two years.

  1. Happy – Pharrell Williams (Pop)

Hehehe, this song is my life’s anthem now. 

  1. Somebody Like That – Tenille Arts (Country)

Aaaand I gotta throw in some country music in this list, I mean come on, I listen to it daily lol. And this song is just so lovely I can’t help it XD.

Honorable Mention – The Good Ones – Gabby Barrett (Country)

Another honorable mention!!! This song is so pretty and exactly what I want my future to be like. Plus Gabby Barrett is one of those rare, actually Christian country artists who has a beautiful voice. If you haven’t heard of her until now, this is your SIGN to go check her out! 

Okay, so this was wayyy harder to do than I thought it would be, I had so many I could have added and wanted to add! Music is a huge part of my life, and I would probably be slightly lost without it. I hope if you’re reading this, you check out some of the songs, they’re all clean and super pretty. Also be prepared to cry if you’re even a slightly emotional human being. I DID warn you! Thank you Lilly; this was so much fun!!!

Author: Lilly Burke

Hi! I'm Lilly. Some of my likes include: baking, drawing, painting, coloring, traveling, reading, writing, blogging, and penpalling 😊

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