Art Challenge!

*rubs hands together excitedly* It’s time for the first art challenge! For this one I’ll just be taking suggestions, comment down below what you would like to see me draw! Please nothing scary or gory, no vampires, monsters, zombies, things like that. I am ready to be challenged! And a little scared to see what the outcome is……I will put everyone’s names into a random name generator, and whoever’s name comes up, I will draw their suggestion! I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Author: Lilly Burke

Hi! I'm Lilly. Some of my likes include: baking, drawing, painting, coloring, traveling, reading, writing, blogging, and penpalling 😊

13 thoughts on “Art Challenge!”

      1. Okay, well I’m gonna go a wee bit hard! I want you to draw Marshmallow from Frozen! To be honest, he was my favorite character!

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  1. Hello Lilly! I am sure that you will do great with any drawing that you decide to do! I personally was not gifted with the ability to draw, so it’s always nice to see others do it! While I’m not the most creative person out there, I might throw out some ideas for you! (After all, that’s what this challenge is for!) What about drawing a sphinx cat (prob my favorite type of cat!) or Cinderella who played in the 2015 remake! Good luck and I’m sure that either way you’ll do great!

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    1. Hi Brooklyn! Aw, I’m sure you are great at drawing! Thank you so much for the ideas!!!! I can’t wait to get started on this challenge.
      Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment!


  2. You should draw… a panda or a puffin! I was going to say something super crazy but by the way you responded to everyone else’s suggestions I decided to a teensy bit easier, lol.

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